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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving Soon To A Condominium Part II

Cantonment Tower SingaporeWhile viewing the unit, we even met our future housemates, a Filipino couple who was recently been scammed by an Indian national. According to them, the only vacant room in the house is the master’s bed room.

Even the house is empty, you can still appreciate its space and clean vibe. And it has been recently painted so the place is very clean looking. On the master’s bedroom, some of the furniture (vanity mirror, closet and some tables and chairs) was placed there. I think we spent around 30 minutes in viewing the house. I even had the chance to take some pictures since I really like the place. Even our future housemates are nice. I hope they are not the vampire type.

We left the building with big smiles and hopes that we can rent the place with our current finances. When we reached home, we have talked about the place and the costing. We have decided to just look for a new place since it cost a lot given that we need to produce a large amount of money for down payment and two month’s deposit.

The next day, Saturday around 11 A.M., we received a call from our future housemate asking on our decision. We told our concerns and we have decided not to rent the place. We are then surprised that our future housemate offered to talk to the owner of the house to lower the rent and to just make partial payments every month. We waited anxiously for her SMS message and were relieved that the owner said yes. We have then agreed to meet that afternoon at Plaza Singapura for the signing of the letter of intent and the deposit payment.

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