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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moving Soon To A Condominium Part I

After the final meeting with our housemates, we have finally decided that we're moving out of the house. We don't want to live with these housemates that are fake and chameleon type. It's just not healthy for all of us since there is already a crack in our so called housemate relationship. Our only worries that time was the money to produce since renting to a new place means a lot of money. That is actually one month advance, two months deposit and the agent's fee. Agent's fee is just half of the monthly rent.

By that time, we continued to scout for a new place to rent, a masters room in exact. We checked out a place in Little India, Aljunied and Tanjong Pagar. We were actually targeting a place just near our work to save time and also transportation costs. Currently, we were living in Punggol which is actually the opposite side of my work in Jurong East.

The place in Little India is actually too small for us even it is a masters room. The room only costs 850 for the three of us but I cannot deny that the place looks like Divisoria. The room in Aljunied was the worst of all. We even had a hard time in locating that place. To our surprise, the room is on the second floor of a food establishment (hawker). To reach the second floor, you need to climb the dirty stairs. Not only the place looks dirty and old, but it is also unsafe since a food establishment is prone to fire. And lastly the place in Tanjong Pagar. My housemate and I met with the agent last Friday after work. We were having concerns since the rent is very high but the agent assured that after viewing the place, we would want to get it. After a long walk from Tanjong Pagar to Cantonment Road, we finally reached the semi-condominium. Our flat is on the 27th floor and we were immediately impressed with the location, the view and the total package of the unit.

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