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Friday, August 29, 2008

Mo Twister’s Revenge on Chico Garcia

Mo Twister with Mojo Jojo and Andi 9 of Magic 89.9A friend told me this story the other day. According to him he heard Mo Twister played a radio commercial about Chico Garcia in his radio program at Magic 89.9. The radio commercial has RX DJ’s Chico Garcia and Delamar as the main characters as their selves. The voices by the way aren’t Chico and Delamar.

The radio commercial goes like this. Chico Garcia was inside the airplane (Baclair Airlines) and was approached by hot male flight attendants. The attendants asked Chico on what he wants and the attendants offered for a “sausage” and “sausage.” The next sound that was heard was the sound of an opening zipper. To Chico Garcia’s surprise, Delamar came into the scene. Chico then told Delamar, “What are you doing here, go back to the closet?” Delamar replied, “How about you come out of the closet?” Chico replied, “I have been in the closet for so long. I want a sausage now!”

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dazedblu said...

I love tht commercial XD

pehpot said...

hmm.. wala ako masabi since am not an avid fan or a listener but it seems na marami na nakakaaway si Mo.. a male version of Lolit Solis?

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