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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Evil Step Daughter

Exactly 42 more days and we’ll be transferring to our new home in Cantonment Link near Tanjong Pagar and Outram Park MRT stations. I am more excited since it is near my work and I won’t be seeing the Vampire Family and the evil step daughter. Too much of the emotional drain and the draining of energy. 42 more days is too long and I can’t wait no more.

Speaking of Evil Step Daughter, I was really disgusted with her acts yesterday. She keeps on talking and telling stories on how good she was. Here are some of her acts and stories that are really fascinating:

1. According to her, she graduated Zuma Cum Laude and even took up medicine but shifted to a different course. Last Sunday they went to play badminton with our housemates. She advised my housemate to take a bath after playing since it is better to sweat before taking a bath. Even admiring herself by saying, “You should believe me, I took up medicine.”

2. My housemates were having a meeting with regards to the new tenant transferring on our departure date. They were computing on how much they would pay. While my other housemate is computing, she exclaimed, “You should give me the formula and figures and I would just fix it.”

3. I think this incident happened last week. They were having a meeting and the topic was about savings. Evil step daughter suddenly talked about her savings account in DBS. That she enrolled in an auto debit facility of DBS that’s why she has savings. She told this story because some of our housemates don’t have savings.

4. Still with money matters, this story was told by her many times. According to her, she arrived in Singapore with tons of money. She never had a hard time in Singapore since her parents gave her huge pocket money. That her mother was a CPA lawyer and was even earning millions before.

There are a lot of stories to tell about the evil step daughter. Will just post about it next time.

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Anonymous said...

I was here today checking whats new

pehpot said...

ZUMA talaga Makoy? LOL

mahangin pala sa dati mong bahay Makoy..


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