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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Evil Step Daughter Break Down Part I

This actually happened days ago when evil step daughter broke tears after her roommate shouted at her. So what’s the reason of the shouting incident? Here’s the story. If you have been following the vampire family series them maybe you are aware that the vampire family and evil step daughter orchestrated in moving us out. Since we have decided to leave instead, evil step daughter asked her roommate to look for a Filipino tenant that would occupy the master’s bedroom.

The vampire family plans to transfer to our room and evil step daughter will stay on her room. Let’s just call evil step daughter’s roommate as “Cinderella Man.” Cinderella man found someone to view the master’s bed room and the guy was pleased that it’s spacious, has built in huge cabinets and the rent is cheap. The day after that, the viewer has decided to get the master’s room. Vampire family, evil step daughter and Cinderella man even had a meeting with this new tenant and have discussed about the house rules and the schedule of cleaning. The viewer even produced 100 SGD over the weekend as down payment.

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1 comment:

pehpot said...

hmm interesting talaga.. the plot thickens LOL

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