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Friday, August 8, 2008

Baby Boom on 08.08.08

Today, because of the good combination of triple eight, more pregnant women will undergo caesarian section. The number actually doubled according to some hospitals here in Singapore. From the usual five caesarian operations each day, today it rose to 28 patients. Isn’t that outrageous for “horoscopic“ beliefs?

Doctors gave some precautions on caesarian operations. Not only have they had to consider the risks like bleeding, infection, blood clots and tissue damage. They also have to endure severe scarring and longer stay in the hospital. They are also susceptible in acquiring hysterectomies, a disease in which the uterus should be removed surgically.

Babies born before the ideal period of 37 weeks are considered premature. If that is the case, I think parents should think first of the welfare of their soon to be born child and not base the future of their lives on the triple eight date.

For me, let nature takes it course. As long as the baby is healthy, a birth date doesn’t matter at all.

Picture courtesy of http://www.danainblack.blogger.com.br

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