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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Work Permit Application Part II

On the entrance of the office, I read first the instruction then queued myself with the people. The first step was to present the requirements such as the Letter of Employment, In Principle, Certificates, 1 passport size picture, medical result and passport. When it was my turn, I showed all the requirements but my 2x2 picture wasn’t accepted since it is glossy. According to the nice lady, I can take my picture outside then I can just come back at the counter.

The picture costs 6 dollars for 4 pieces. Within two minutes, I already have the picture with me. It is just disappointing that I did not smile and I look fat and my hair was messed up. I need a hair cut! Waah! Anyone please donate $35 for my haircut. I went back to the lady then she gave me a queue number, B110. I went inside and was shocked with the huge number of people. There are more than 20 counters and most of the people are Indian nationals. I even thought that the queue letter B stands for Filipinos while the letter D is for the Indians since all of the Indians that I saw has the queue letter D.

When it was my turn, I asked the counter if the queue letter B is for Filipinos only. She nicely corrected me and told me that A is for renewal and claiming of permit, B is for S pass, C is for domestic helpers and D is for workers. Now I get it. On that counter, she scanned my picture and verified my documents. After that she instructed me to go to the Fingerprint section. I was surprised that a Singaporean spoke to me in Tagalog. She asked me, “Ikaw si Mark Ferdinand…” (You are Mark Ferdinand…) then I told my complete name. I asked her immediately if she is a Filipino and she said no. According to her she worked before in a bank in the Philippines, that’s why she knows a few Filipino words. That was a nice lady. After my right thumb mark scanning, she stamped my Letter of Employment then asked me to come back on Wednesday to collect my work permit card.

By the way on Tuesday is my first day of work!

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