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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Visual Basic .Net Tutorial

In preparation of my new work this month, I have asked the help of my friend in the Philippines for some Dot Net Tutorial. I also have Googled some tutorials in the web which can help me in learning Dot Net fast. Aside from that I also asked for a free downloadable version of Visual Basic Dot Net software. I’m glad my friend found a link in Microsoft that has a free version of Visual Basic 2008.

My next project now is to learn Dot Net before I start working. Based on my interview with my employer, they are expecting a lot from me since they were giving me a second chance. Not only I have to prove to them that I can deliver but I have to exceed their expectations.

I only have a week left so I have to make most of my “vacation” time. And being productive in terms of learning a new skill is one of my priorities.

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the menace said...

yes, cge iyabang mo ang pinoy sir!

Sedna said...

Hi! Vote me naman as US president :-)


leonore said...

Congrats sa work mo...btw, Buhay si Sgt. Pepper...som1 has informed me about this kanina lang.

Denis said...

way to go! this is something any IT practitioner should do