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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vampire Family

If you have been following my posts, you might have noticed that I have blogged about my housemates or the so-called “Vampire Family.” I’m just going to share some good points that I have noticed with this family. These past few days I noticed that the Vampire parents call their children every day in the Philippines. I just admire how they make it a point to check on their children and that they never forget to say “I Love You” before ending their call. It always breaks my heart to hear them say it. Even they are far away from their children they make it a point to be good parents.

I know that I shouldn’t compare them with my parents but I wish somehow my parents were like that. My father worked as a seaman before I was born and I never can recall a moment like that. No more elaboration, I might break down and cry. Too much for emotions on this post.

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the menace said...

aww i remember having my circumcission done with my mom. corny talaga kasi i was hoping tatay ko kasama ko during that time. well, its all worth it. If he has not worked abroad, cguro im one of those unemployed and malnurished.

daniel said...

it's hard to leave the ones you love behind for the right reasons. they must be good parents.

do you get to regularly call home?

pehpot said...

oh so even if they are vampire to other people they are so good and loving to their own.. huhu

Make or Break

Denis said...

this is very well documented haha