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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Travel With Ease In Singapore

I have read this article in the Straits Times days ago and I have been wanting to write about it since it can help commuters like me to travel in Singapore with comfort. Anyway, I have discovered a web site where in a commuter can actually plan his trip. Just visit The Public Transport Journey Planner at www.transitlink.com.sg, a one stop interactive travel guide wherein a commuter can encode their boarding and destination point as well as the complete address or landmark. The website will display the shortest time and the cheapest fare option (cash and ez-link card payment) that the commuter can choose.

This website by the way is the integrated website of both public transport operators: SBS Transit and SMRT Corp. Unlike before, a commuter has to visit the website of each public transport operators for bus or train routes. Not only it can save time, it can also save you money and wrinkles from your face.

The only down side of this online guide is that sometimes the network is too busy. The travel planner is on a three-month trial. Have it tried and the Land Transport Authority would be glad to hear your comments and suggestions.

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Palbo said...

Un monje le preguntó a Joshu: "Esta vaca, ¿tiene la naturaleza de Buda?"

Joshu respondió: "¡Mu!"

Sherry said...

I was told that the public tranport in Singapore is the best! In Malaysia, there is KTM and LRT. But very sad they not link together, you need to walk a distance to reach either KTM or LRT. It is troblesome and usually the station will be so crowded too.

Denis said...

this is very clever. no wonder singapore is highly developed