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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Singapore Housemates

After my renting experience in the Philippines, I am now troubled with my housemates here in Singapore. I think it was last week that new people joined our house. It was the husband and the baby daughter of my other housemate. The only thing that I can say is that he doesn’t shut up and he doesn’t get it at all. So what’s wrong with these new housemates? Not only he speaks a lot but he never stops. He keeps on talking disrupting your quiet time or TV time. I would appreciate it if it is a conversation but he is the only one talking.

He is tiring and exhausting to be with. He is like a vampire that drains your energy. I did this one time and was effective to make him shut up. He was talking while I was watching TV. I glued my face on the TV and never looked back at him. I just ignored him the whole time until he stopped. I think this guy and his wife has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or famously known in the Philippines as “KSP” (Kulang sa Pansin).

I just hope he finds work as soon as possible so I can’t see him often in the house.

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Phoebe said...

oh, i can just imagine how pissed u are Makoy..me here, adjusting in manila life..living in a dorm sucks..we're 3 in the room, and now they're thinking of adding 4 more...as in DUH! as if the ventilation inside the room is super okay..wish i can find a better place to rent..huhuhu..i wanna go back to the province... :(

nokk said...

kainis nga! :)

feRn said...

mahiRap talagang pakisamahan ang mga taong ganyan... LOL! Pagdasal mo na lang talaga na magkatrabaho agad xa... Sorry na lng sa mga magiging officemates nya... tahahaha! LOL!Ü

dazedblu* said...

leave to your patience, sus kaya yan! :)

Pinay Jade said...

Wish you all the best Makoy. If it becomes too much to bear-better find a new place.


pehpot said...

ohhaha.. i can just imagine.. so where is this housemate now?

Make or Break

Denis said...

mukhang kahit saan may bad ass