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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ralph Recto Is The New NEDA Chief

Ralph RectoYesterday morning, I was watching TV Patrol World episode for Wednesday night. I was able to download Wednesday’s newscast last Thursday night while I was dropping Entrecards. Anyway, after the former NEDA chief Romulo Neri was appointed as the new Department of Education Secretary. It received many criticisms since that appointment means that Romulo Neri is still under the executive department. In short, he is still under Executive privilege and he cannot talk about the ZTE issue. That was a very smart move for the Arroyo administration.

Anyway, after the one year ban of appointing lost election candidates, Ralph Recto was the third candidate from Team Unity to be appointed in the Arroyo cabinet. Ralph Recto was appointed as the new NEDA chief raising criticisms from the Makati Business District. Mike Defensor and Vicente Sotto III were recently appointed as Head of Task Force NAIA 3 and Chairman of Dangerous Drugs Board respectively.

I think there is nothing wrong in appointing those candidates. If they were qualified for the post then there shouldn’t be a problem. I just hope appointments should be verified first with the Commission of Appointments.

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.

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