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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Miss USA falls at Miss Universe 2008

Miss USA Crystle Stewart falls in Miss Universe 2008I got to watch the primetime telecast of Miss Universe 2008 last night. I blogged about it yesterday morning while I was browsing the internet. I only got to watch some portions of it since my eyes were glued to my laptop.

As I have mentioned on my previous Miss Universe 2008 post, my favorite contestant was Miss Columbia, Taliana Vargas. It's just disappointing that Miss Venezuela won. Anyway, I was laughing again last night when the finalists were doing that cat walk. Some contestants have this seductive look glued on their faces, which I think is inappropriate for the pageant.

What's more fun in this pageant was Miss USA's slipping and falling down during the evening gown portion. If you have missed it, watch it here.

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Anonymous said...

at least she fell gracefully.

Denis said...

this has been a wide youtube craze hehe