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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Latest on Zimbabwe’s Political Crisis

Thabo Mheki and Robert MugabeSouth African President Thabo Mbeki proposed a peace plan for Zimbabwe to end the political crisis there. According to the peace plan, Robert Mugabe would remain Zimbabwe’s President but hand in the real power to the opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai as Prime Minister. Morgan Tsvangirai was Robert Mugabe’s rival in the recent Presidential elections. He backed out from the campaign after some of the members of the opposition were killed and threatened. Robert Mugabe won in the recent elections with an allegation of massive cheating.

Back to the proposed peace plan, Robert Mugabe would stay as President until the new Constitution is chartered followed by a new election. Robert Mugabe on the other hand is open to peace talks on the agreement that he is recognized as the President of Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe I think is now feeling the pressure from the international community. I just hope Robert Mugabe will realize that his political regime is near its end. The people of Zimbabwe deserve change and freedom. The only way Zimbabwe can progress is for Robert Mugabe to step down. Freedom for Zimbabwe!

Picture courtesy of http://tvnz.co.nz

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