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Thursday, July 24, 2008

How To Save YouTube and YouTube Like Clips

Before proceeding with this article, I would like to thank first Ton for this brilliant tip. Anyway, if you are a YouTube enthusiast like me then you might have thought of wanting to save those movie clips on your hard drive. You might have resorted on the help of Google on how to save the movie clips with a few steps. Google did not help me at all but it only gave links to sites which I need to download a software. The only freeware software that I saw was TubeHunter Ultra. The bad thing was it won’t work on my laptop. I read the instructions twice but it won’t still work. My only resort was to give up.

Download YouTube movie clipsThe only thing that work was the tip from my friend Ton. You can either save YouTube clips by going to the link SaveTube.com. The site will ask you for the URL link of the movie clip in YouTube. Click the Download button afterwards. The downloaded file is on FLV format so you need an FLV player. You may use GOM player or other movie players that is compatible with FLV.

The other option is to use Real Player 11. Real Player has the web browser feature so you can actually browse YouTube or PinoyChannel.tv there. If you want to save the movie clip, just point your mouse on the movie clip itself and a Download This Video Link will popup. All you have to do is select the folder on which you want to save it. The downloaded file is still on FLV format. The good thing is Real Player can play this format.

Enjoy downloading!

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jhong said...

Hi, you can also try http://keepvid.com/ and download the clip as mp4. Have fun! =)

dazedblu* said...

Haha, i wuz an addict on youtube before, but now my interest for the site just gone.. though I visit once in a while.


jenn_US said...

thanks for the tip. :) im gonna try this.

pehpot said...

oh thanks for this info Makoy..

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Denis said...

this has been very useful for me