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Friday, July 18, 2008

Alicia Keys Superwoman Music Video

Alicia Keys in Superwoman music videoWow! That's all I can say with the new music video of Alicia Keys. The song is "Superwoman" from her new album titled "As I Am." Alicia Keys has different looks in the music video as she portrayed the different faces of a woman or should I say the face of a superwoman. The music video was just released yesterday. If you are a woman, you must see this music video. Click this YouTube click to watch the music video. There are no embedding link though.

Here are some of the faces of a superwoman in Alicia Keys music video:

Alicia Keys in Superwoman single mother Alicia Keys in Superwoman working mom Alicia Keys in Superwoman african woman Alicia Keys in Superwoman astronaut Alicia Keys in Superwoman egyptian

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gadis said...

i like lips alicia because she has lips sexy :)

Denis said...

superb video but she's kinda silent these days ah