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Friday, June 13, 2008

Sick and Minor Accident in Singapore

It is exactly one week since I arrived here in Singapore. So far, I am enjoying my stay here. The people are nice and friendly. The cuisine here is yummy except for the other food that I am scared to eat. I have been warned by a fellow Filipino blogger that I should be careful in what I write about Singapore. Two Filipino bloggers were prosecuted or jailed from writing negative things about Singapore. I’m just not sure if it is true.

So far, I know my way around. I can get home by riding the MRT and LRT. I am frequent shopper of Punggol Plaza, a shopping mall near our place. The only thing that is making my stay here horrible is my cough. I already bought medicine for cough (Carboceisteine) in Punggol Plaza. Just yesterday, I doubled the dose of my intake since I am not getting well. Surprisingly, I am getting better now. The inflamed feeling on my throat is finally healing.

Moving along, yesterday when I was cooking dinner I asked my housemate if the glass cookware in the kitchen is Pyrex. I immediately used it when she said yes then poured the cooking oil. I even covered it to catalyze the heating process. When I placed the marinated chicken, my other housemate noticed that there was a crack on the center. Seconds later, we were just surprised that the glass broke into pieces. I was in shock that I only uttered to my housemate, “You said this is Pyrex.” We immediately checked ourselves if we were bleeding. Thank God no one got hurt except my little cut on my left toe.

After we cleaned the broken glass, they started cooking our dinner. That experience in Singapore I won’t forget.

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nokk said...

So sorrie to hear that...do be well my friend. :)

francis said...

you must have encountered a cough allergen there. be well Makoy.

pehpot said...

ahaha..poor chicken.. what a way to welcome you in your new house LOL

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