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Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Medical Exam Ordeal Part II

Yesterday, I arrived the clinic before 9 A.M. I went straight to Room 8 and informed the clinic staff with my consultation to the doctor. I think it was almost 30 minutes when she got back at me to tell me that I have to pay first the doctor’s consultation fee. I went in line and was in queue for a long time. If she informed me the first time I approached her, I wouldn’t wait a long time. I was grouchy and not in the mood since I haven’t had my breakfast yet. At the doctor’s room, the doctor asked me a lot of question with regards to my health. If I have cough, fever or history of Tuberculosis. I then relayed to him what Dr. Cayanan told me. He was a bit sarcastic and told me that the blurry part of my x-ray is not a bone. My second x-ray by the way is not an APL view but a Lordotic two side view. He then told me that I should undergo Tuberculosis tests to clear me from Tuberculosis even refererring me to a Respiratory specialists (consultation by the way is 70 SGD up).

I had full blood count platelet test, skin test (Mantoux Tuberculin) and the phlegm test (Smear for AFP Sputum). The result for the skin test will be out on Tuesday and I have to give another phlegm sample on Tuesday as well. I need to go back again on July 17 for all test results.

Would you believe that I have spent 120 SGD in my medical exams? Harrr… I am only thinking positively. If I have Tuberculosis, I am thankful that they have detected it and they can cure it. I would be thankful to God if I don’t have Tuberculosis. I hope you could include me to your prayers. I need it a lot.

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pinaywife said...

good luck on your med exam. it could be nerve wracking di ba? hope everything will end well..


the menace said...

whew! that was rough...
yeah just look at the positive side of it, the silevr lining. hahah

GOd bless you!

Anonymous said...

naku, very thorough naman pala yun med exam na yan..

got a new post, hope u cud visit :D

Isis' Insights said...

nako ako din may problema sa chess but not anything sickness its the structure itself i have scoliosis kasi Y_Y
but anyway, i'm still acting normal and just maintaining calcium

take care on the weather

pehpot said...

still need to read later post to know the results I guess.. but I do hope that it was not a TB

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