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Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Medical Exam Ordeal Part I

Last Tuesday, I went to the recruitment agency to undergo my employment medical exam. That day I was also informed that I’ll be reporting to work on Monday at Jurong East. I was happy and relieved that I don’t have to worry anymore about my job prospects here in Singapore. During my medical exam, I underwent blood exam for HIV, chest x-ray and consultation to the medical doctor. The only thing that bothered me while I was having my medical exam was my x-ray. I had history in my previous x-rays that a part of my lung is blurry. Our company doctor suggested an APL x-ray view and I was cleared from the suspected Tuberculosis. Since I find the x-ray machine in Singapore hi-tech, I did not mention to the doctor and staff about my history in the Philippines.

After two days, the recruitment officer informed me that the medical clinic informed her that I need to come back to have another x-ray exam. I was hesitant with my second x-ray since too much radiation is bad for our health. Anyway, I went on with the second x-ray hoping that it would clear me from the suspected Tuberculosis. The staff from the clinic informed me that they will call me if the result is already out. I think it was almost 4 P.M. the next day when I heard the news from the recruitment agency since I coordinated with her to call the clinic. She told me that there is still a problem with my second x-ray and I have to go back to the clinic to see the doctor for consultation. I was also informed that I need to be there at exactly 8:30 A.M.

Right after our call, I texted our company doctor in the Philippines. I told him my case and he told me that I shouldn’t worry. I asked him on what should I say to the doctor here in Singapore. He told me that I can say the densities found on my x-rays are not visible on APL x-ray views. I can also say that the blurry part of my x-ray was actually my bone. I was quite relieved from the text messages of our company doctor. Thank you very much Dr. Claro Cayanan.

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Strider said...

Makoy, is it possible for your Company Doctor in the Philippines talk directly to your examining Doctor there in Singapore? They could share their findings together.

Keep positive my friend...Goodluck!

pehpot said...

so x ray machines there is different from here?

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