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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Makoy In Singapore

Singapore The Lion CityAfter a long flight from Clark Airport to Singapore, we arrived in "Lion City" around 8 P.M. last Friday. Would you believe that I was even cornered by an Indian national who works in the airport? I think he's an security officer or something. When I stepped in to Singapore land, I immediately took pictures of me with the airplane on the back. I did not know that it was actually prohibited to do so. I was so scared that I immediately deleted the pictures with the order of the Indian national.

Makoy at Punggol LRTWhile I was inside Changi Airport, I sent a text message to my friend's sister so she can fetch us. After sending the text message, I saw a signage from the Passport counter saying that mobile phones and cameras are not allowed in the premises. I was so scared that I committed another offense. I even checked if there are security cameras surrounding me. Thank God no airport officials arrested me. That's why I have no first day pictures in Singapore with the fear of being arrested.

Will post my second day pictures tomorrow. Woah! I have more than 200 pictures in my cellphone camera and one video performance from a Japanese group at the Espalanade. That's what you call a tourist!

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Jena Isle said...

Nice but fearful adventure to be imprisoned in a foreign country...but lucky for you, you had the chance to travel. Traveling is educational. You learn about new culture and the unique ways of life of people around the globe.

Thanks for sharing.

bugITs said...

wahahah! natatawa ako sa iyo bro! aheheh.. anyways, where is the picture? pupunta rin ako dyan singapore if tapos na ako sa bachelor degree ko sa IT...good luck and GOD speed jan ha!

Pinay Jade said...

Oh my! What an experience. Be careful ...baka ma cane ka pa dito. hehe!
Have you done some sight seeing already?

Everything alright so far? Sorry I forgot to message you about the atm withrawal...did your bpi atm worked here?

Good luck in this adventure!

the menace said...

whoah! the man is really at singapore now!

hahah. naku naku

be careful about legal matters.

joanjoyce said...

hehehe kakatawa naman basahin ang post mo :P i am sure if ako man yan matatakot din me :D

shaula0pink said...

waaahhhh! ang saklap! bawal magpicture!
ingatz makoy!

nokk said...

Hay naku Makoy mag ingat ka nga noh...oy Changi yan....walang sinasanto batas jan...aba...ask about FC case?!!!

Sherry said...

I think you are doing great in Singapore. You do not locked yourself in room after work...there is always time you know how to spend them. This is your independent life. :)

pehpot said...

Haha it seems you have a blast down there..

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