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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Free Ces Drilon

Free Ces DrilonLast week, June 10, I was surprised to receive a YM message from a friend saying that Ces Drilon, well-known ABS-CBN journalist was abducted by the Abu Sayyaf group in Sulu. Aside from Ces Drilon, her cameraman Jimmy Encarnacion, assistant cameraman Angelo Valderama and Mindanao State University professor Octavio Dinampo were also abducted by the group. Three days after the abduction, Angelo Valderama was released after paying a certain ransom. I’m just not sure how much it is. There are 2 million and 100,000 pesos figures from different sources.

Anyway, as of yesterday the group has asked for 15 million ransom for Ces Drilon, Jimmy Encarnacion and Octavio Dinampo. The ransom was dropped to 15 million from the original 20 million. The group has given a deadline until noon today or else the three will stay in captive. The only light of this scenario was the group hasn’t suggested that they will kill the three.

Both the Philippine government and the ABS-CBN management remained firmed with their “no ransom policy.” I just hope Ces Drilon and company will be free as soon as possible. I feel for Ces Drilon. She’s a very professional journalist and she doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. Let us all pray that this crisis will be resolved soon and the three will be freed alive.

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the menace said...

when the going gets tough, they will eventually pay ransom din!
just like what GMA did before

pehpot said...

this wass one of the scariest time in news and current affairs..

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