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Monday, June 16, 2008

First Visit To The Church

Makoy in St. Anne's churchLast Wednesday, we got to visit St. Anne’s Church in Rivervale just near our place. We took the bus and arrived there with some help of the locals. It was a long walk from the bus stop to the church itself. I was so excited to go inside the church. It’s just disappointing that the church was closed at that time. I was so eager to thank God for all the blessings especially making my Singapore life possible. I was also thankful that God protected me and my housemates when the little accident happened later that day.

Makoy in St. Anne's churchSince the church was closed, we took the chance to take some pictures outside the church. I was fascinated with the nice architecture of the church. The pond at the back of the church was also so inviting. Would you believe that I forgot to pray because of the nice attractions there? Bad Makoy! I have missed going to church yesterday because we stayed too long at the IT Convention in Suntec City. I promise to visit today or else God will forsake me.

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nyl said...

i love to travel.hope one day maging part ang singapore ng aking itinerary.

nice site.;0)

Maria said...

Hoooray you found it! I lived in Sg a few years back and went to the "wrong" church while my friend and I are simultaneously getting annoyed with each other for wasting money while trying to locate each of us at different pews. Ha ha! Have fun, they say Sg is restricting but I had tons of fun while I was there

pehpot said...

that is why you are very blessed Makoy, you always thank God fro your blessings..

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