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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Filipinos in Singapore

Jennifer AlejandroMonday, I was feeling homesick and I was totally bored. I have decided to email the recruitment agency to make a follow up on the status of my employment pass. Right after I emailed her, she contacted me twice to inform me that I have passed. She also told me that I could come in their office for my medical examination. I have asked on how much it will cost and she told me that it is more than 40 SGD.

Yesterday afternoon, I arrived the recruitment agency ten minutes late. The recruitment officer handed me the contract for the employment pass and the medical examination form. She showed me the way to the clinic. She even drew a sketch map for the clinic. It was only a five minute walk from the recruitment agency. When I arrived the clinic, I went in line then waited for my turn. I handed all the forms including my passport to the clerk of the clinic. He gave me a form including the queue number. The medical checkup for EPass or SPass is by the way 42.80 SGD. The first step was the blood examination for AIDS (HIV). I was surprised that a Filipina medical technologist took my blood. When I handed the form to her, she asked me, “Are you Filipino?” She then asked me a lot of questions including where I live in the Philippines, what is my profession and so on. Hahaha.

After the blood test followed the chest x-ray examination. Medical checkup followed after. It was a quick checkup with the doctor. Just checking my breathing and my blood pressure. I arrived in Punggol around 4 P.M. then went straight to Punggol Plaza to buy some snacks. I bought two cups of noodles and a pack of raisin bread. While I was in queue for the cashier, I heard a lady speaking in Bisaya. She looked at me and hoped that I would greet her. It’s nice to see Filipinos in Singapore. I feel safe and close to the Philippines.

Speaking of Filipinos, a news presenter of Channel News Asia is also a Filipino. If you are familiar with Jenny Alejandro, a former news reporter of ABS-CBN, she now works as a news presenter in Primetime Morning of Channel News Asia. That’s why I was having this feeling that she is Filipino.

Jennifer Alejandro picture courtesy of her http://jenniferalejandro.com.

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mckhoii said...

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nokk said...

Wow ang galing...nice to hear of that! Sana you'll start working na...:)

Jehzeel Laurente said...

wow! good luck sa future job mo dyan :D sana makapunta ako dyan :D mag bloggers meetup tayo sa Singapore! hehe

Flair Candy said...

Hi! jz droppin by.. Cool, glad to hear you have a new career in Singapore! I will be visiting Sing for the first time for the F1 Grand Prix in Sept!

Ang Kuwago said...

The best of luck to you, Makoy. I am amused with your posts on Singapore because I travel there often on business. In fact, I will be there sometime end of July. Keep the Faith!

pehpot said...

Filipinos are everywhere!

Make or Break

Denis said...

kudos to pinoy pride worldwide

G said...

Hi which agency are you pertaining to? I am now in Singapore looking for agencies hiring Filipinos..