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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Date With Ligaya

Piadina mixed seafood pastaMy blogger close friend Mommy Nokk (recently known as “Ligaya”) and I went to our last lunch and last movie together yesterday. Before that she went to my place in Pasig where she bought some of my stuff. Her son, JR was her driver for that day. We just took the cab from my place to Robinson’s Galleria since her son has something else to do. I just had a hard time getting us a cab. The driver of the cab that we got was even grumpy. I just hate those types of drivers. As if we aren’t going to pay.

Ligaya and MakoyAll in all I have four paper bags with clothes and stuff, one gym bag with clothes and my laptop bag. Since I won’t be able to carry the other stuff to Paranaque, I have decided to just pick it up the next day. I have left my books there as well as my dirty clothes and my other bag loaded with noodles and my passport.

We arrived at Robinson’s Galleria past 12 in the afternoon. I only had crackers in the morning that’s why my stomach was growling. It was Ligaya’s treat for my lunch. We dined at my favorite Piadina. We both had mixed seafood pasta with fried mozzarella. That was really yummy especially with the spicy olive oil and parmesan cheese. We enjoyed our lunch even we were in a hurry to catch the 1:55 P.M. movie schedule of Caregiver. We arrived at the cinema at exactly 2 P.M. After the movie, we went to the grocery to pick up our things in the baggage counter. It was a real torture to carry all my things. I need a hard massage after that. After our short goodbyes, I took the bus to Paranaque. I was really exhausted as if all my energy was drained. I want to sleep but I worry that my things will be stolen. After the bus reached Ayala MRT, I slowly drifted away. I made it in our house before 6 P.M. I was even playing with our new dog named “Yuri.”

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nokk said...

Waaahhh...JOY na lang. :)
Pero in fairness ang sarap ng kain ko ha....kaso para naman me gyera sa bilis...ala rin....nagdaan lang xa.... :)

nokk said...

Mami-miss kita talaga...friendship!

nokk said...

Bon voyage my dear friendship!!! MIswah!!!

Yoru said...

Hi Makoy, good luck on your journey there. :)

pehpot said...

you seem to have a love for pasta and seafoods.. :)

Make or Break

Sherry said...

great pics, great food too!

Sherry said...

I don't really like pasta.