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Monday, June 16, 2008

Comedy YouTube Video

Japanese performers in Esplanade SingaporeLast week when we came from the Merlion, we went straight to the Esplanade side to sit and to have a rest. We were surprised to see lots of couple (good looking Caucasian men with their Oriental lady mate) and some "Kababayan" (Filipino) of course. It has been a habit of mine to search for Filipinos in every crowd. It just make me happy to see one.

Anyway, while resting at the side of the Esplanade, I saw this Japanese group performing just outside the building. They were wearing white makeup on their faces and their usual Japanese clothes. After I got tired of taking pictures of them, I finally have decided to record their performance. This by the way is my first YouTube video upload. Yey!

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the menace said...

burger burger!

hehe. i just saw caregiver.

whoah "cry me a river" pala yun hahah

pehpot said...

oh it is so nice to find fellow pinoys on foreign land.. comforting di ba?

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