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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Caregiver Movie Review

Sharon Cuneta CaregiverI have finally seen the movie “Caregiver” last June 2nd with my friend Ligaya. Caregiver is the 15th anniversary presentation of Star Cinema for its Filipino viewers worldwide. This movie is of course directed by Chito S. Rono and the main lead star of the movie is Mega Star Sharon Cuneta. From the trailer of the movie, I find it very intriguing and well made. It’s just sad that I missed the first five minutes of the movie since me and Ligaya enjoyed our food at Piadina.

Now for the review. Will start with the negative points of the movie first. I find the story dragging on some scenes. The editing of the movie has something to do with it. I even find the kissing scene of Sharon Cuneta and John Estrada very unreal and well orchestrated. There are many scenes in the movie that you can predict what will happen. Very pinoy movie style.

For the positive points. The main characters of the movie justified their roles especially John Estrada and Sharon Cuneta. I also find the cinematography very nice. London is such a great place to shoot a movie. How I wish I could visit London some day.

Over-all the movie is 3 out of 5. I find the movie over rated because of the points that I have stressed. The movie should have been well planned and well edited. I recommend that you just wait for it to be aired on ABS-CBN. I still think that Madrasta and Crying Ladies is still Sharon Cuneta’s best film yet.

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the menace said...

some review huh. still looking forward to seeing it

pehpot said...

yaya! thanks for this.. I have a cd here kaya lang afraid pa ako panoorin :)

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