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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Visit To Paranaque

My father was confined again last Saturday due to hard breathing. According to my sister, my father was trying to quit smoking. He was successful on many occasions but when he feels better, he smokes again. No wonder he was having hard time breathing. Since I already planned to visit my family in Paranaque in preparation of my Singapore life, I went last Sunday to drop some of my clothes and to visit my father in the hospital.

I arrived in our house in Paranaque around 6 P.M. Before that, I dropped Shopwise to buy some fruits for my dad and some chips for my sister. My sister by the way cooked dinner for me, which I really appreciated. After resting, I waited for her to change clothes while I was having my early dinner. At our living room, I was surprised that she now has a College graduation picture placed near my graduation picture. I was laughing hard coz she really looked different with the make up on and her chunky cheeks and braces. I’m so proud of my sister. She’ll be taking the Nursing board exams this June. I hope you could include her in your prayers.

We reached the Olivarez Hospital less than five minutes and was in my dad’s room immediately. Unfortunately my other sister and her husband already left the hospital. I also took that chance to tell my parents that I am leaving Singapore this June 6th. They were surprised with my news and were even joyous with the first impression that I’m going back home. I’ll be back next week to drop the second batch of my things and will be returning home June 3rd and will just wait for my departure.

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Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

hello makoy =)

may your dad get well soon and God bless your stay in Singapore =)

Coriander Dreams said...

Times like those, being with your family, you cherish and remember once you're overseas.. It's a good thing that Singapore is only about 3 hours away. You can easily go home when you have to or want to...
Enjoy the last few weeks in Manila!


pehpot said...

I hope your daddy is OK now..

Make or Break

Denis said...

its beautiful when families really come together to help out each other in any dilemma