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Monday, May 26, 2008

TV Advertisements of Senators

Senate President Manny VillarSenate President Manny Villar’s TV commercial about his helping to OFW was circulating during primetime TV. If Bayani Fernando was known for his early campaigning with his huge billboards, Senate President Manny Villar is known for his TV commercials. The richest Philippine Senator I suppose funded for this TV commercial just to let the public known his presence. As if the public aren’t aware that he is already campaigning.

Senators Mar Roxas and Chiz Escudero also have TV commercials promoting different products. I just find this act unethical. Public servants and broadcasters should stay away with doing commercials coz it looked like that they are selling their integrity and credibility. Instead of flashing your faces on TV, why not do your job? People will definitely know that you are doing your job well without yourself advertising.

And oh, I have missed the TV commercial of Loren Legarda last March for students who are graduating. No more comments to say.

Picture courtesy of Manny Villar

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the menace said...

a huge nod for this. and one big boo for those senators.

Jehzeel Laurente said...

oo nga.. sana ginastos nalang yung pinambayad sa commercial sa mabuting paraan :D

Anonymous said...

amen to this..

i don't know with you folks, but THAT Loren tvc is just plain tacky.


Expect more of these ads in the coming months. Ha. Filthy rich buggers in the plenary.

joanjoyce said...

ewan ba sa mga presidentiable na yan ang aga mangampanya, nakakatamad na tuloy bumoto :P

Anonymous said...

They're all hypocrites! Special mention goes to Villar who flaunts helping OFWs when in fact he is only helping himself!

CaleB said...

well, part talaga yan ng politics.. pagboboto nga ako choice ko na lang ung lesser evil eh.. at some point kasi, pareho pareho lng sila..

pehpot said...

OMG.. I know you have TFC>. have you seen the latest of Manny Villar? the one where he talks with an itik man? bothered ako sa scene where he wiped his hands in front of his shirt, normally you would wipe your hands at the side of your shirt right?

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