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Thursday, May 8, 2008

SMART Bro Prepaid Fiasco

Smart Bro PrepaidLast Monday after work, I was excited to visit a SMART Wireless Center to buy a SMART Bro Prepaid. Not only I will be wired anywhere but also I can get to talk to my loved ones all over the world. I was surprised that the SMART Wireless Center in Robinson’s Galleria now has a computerized ticketing system. Since it is my first time with that system, I asked the security guard right beside it on how to use it. He then asked me with the purpose of my visit. I told him that I would buy the SMART Bro Prepaid. I was so disappointed to hear from him that it was sold out in their outlet. I then have decided to go straight to SM MegaMall to check if they have a stock.

When I was on my way outside Robinson’s Galleria, it suddenly came to me to just ask the security guard if the outlet in SM MegaMall has stocks of SMART Bro Prepaid. Sadly, he told me that they don’t have stocks either. According to him, stocks will be available next week. I honestly don’t trust security guards and drivers. I just find them unreliable with past experiences. No offense though. With that, I contacted the SMART customer service and asked where I can get a SMART Bro Prepaid. The only feasible place to go with a Smart Bro Prepaid stock is in GreenHills branch.

When I was on the SMART outlet in GreenHills yesterday, I waited for my turn to be assisted by their sales agent. When my number was called, I immediately told the sales agent that I would buy the Smart Bro Prepaid. He immediately asked for the specification of my laptop then asked if my laptop has a 32-bit Operating System. According to him, SMART Bro prepaid will only work on a 32-bit Operating System. I did not have my laptop with me that time so I called my friend Rosell to look it up in the Internet. Sadly, she did not find any 32-bit with the specs of my Acer Aspire 4720 laptop. The only good thing that happened was the sales agent reserved that last stock of SMART Bro prepaid for me. I only have to pick it up until 6:30 P.M. today. When I got home yesterday, I was happy to see that my Operating System is 32-bit.

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dean said...

bro, better get a smart consumable post line 800. you'll get a free 3G phone pa and not only will you be charged the same rate for internet, you will also be allowed to use your sim for calls and texts (if the need arises)... just use the phone as your modem (unlike those 3G modem used with the smartbro prepaid/postpaid kits na for internet use lang talaga yung device)... saka, if ever hindi mo talaga plan gamitin yung phone, since 20 pesos per hour (10 pesos per 30 minutes) lang yung cost ng internet, pareho lang talaga dun sa smartbro prepaid/postpaid 799...

Jepoy said...

Dean is right. You should have just bought an LG KU250 mobile phone and a SMART prepaid SIM. It's cheaper :)

We've tried to use Skype at Himlayang Pilipino using my father's Nokia 6630 as a modem 2 years ago and it worked like a charm :~)

Raf said...


how is the consistency of the speed?

hope you can blog a hands on review on smartbro prepaid


pehpot said...

how was the spped? is it sulit?

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