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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Smart Bro Prepaid Experience

Smart Bro packageAfter having troubles in buying the new Smart Bro prepaid, I finally was able to use it and surf the internet anywhere. It has been a week since I have used this product. So far it has surpassed my expectations based on speed. The Smart Bro prepaid package by the way contains the Smart Bro modem, two USB cords and a manual.

Before, I usually use the internet by going to Robinson’s Galleria and take advantage (abuse) of the mall’s free WIFi service. I also sometimes connect using my GPRS mobile phone. That was really horrible in terms of speed. I cannot even open my Yahoo and Chikka Messenger.

With the release of Smart Bro prepaid, it gave me more freedom with my Internet and blogging experience because of its broadband speed. The only problem that I experienced was sometimes I usually get disconnected since the Smart Bro modem depends on the 3G signal. So far, so good. I even find it faster than our internet connection in the office and in Robinson’s Galleria. I just hope they would charge on a minute basis and not on a 30 minutes basis. They should also lower the charging since it is cheaper to rent the internet on Internet cafés.

Before buying the Smart Bro prepaid check first if your Operating System is 32-bit. To check, go to My Computer, right-click then Properties. Smart Bro Prepaid will not work on 64-bit Operating Systems by the way. Happy surfing!

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blackdarkheart said...

gaano ba kaganda yung smartbro kasi may balak din akong bumili nun for mobile internet use! galeng naman

jaycee said...

gaano kabilis yung speed nito? screen caps naman ng speed test ng smart bro prepaid, kasi kung parehas lang siya ng speed ng 3G phones na 384 kbps then baka di na ako magavail ng product na ito.

Pweng Bee said...

Hmmm... I would rather buy a pocket pc than to buy this kit. I'll just make sure the pocket pc can access the internet. This kit is too expensive just like buying a new cellphone. I would prefer to surf at my "suking" internet shop where it has the fastest connection I had ever experienced. :)

pehpot said...

nice to hear that you are enjoying your Smart bro

Make or Break

Denis said...

its currently confusing me. kung mabilis or what

Samuel said...

ok talaga ang smart bro! sabi ng mga naglalakad na tv! http://bit.ly/aMJkEk