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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NBI Clearance Experience

One more week to go and I am leaving the Philippines. I am almost all set to go. I already have bought my check-in luggage two weeks ago and I have it almost filled with clothes, books and some canned goods. My maximum check-in luggage weight is only 15 kilos and 7 kilos for my hand carry luggage.

Last Saturday after lunch I went to Bulacan to leave my luggage there. I am by the way flying to Singapore from Clark Airport with a family friend who’s living in Bulacan. Last Sunday after I went to mass, I went to the grocery to shop for my toiletries and some canned goods. Would you believe that my bill amounted to more than 1,200 pesos? Sigh…

Anyway, while I was in Bulacan last Saturday, my family friend has informed me that I need to bring a NBI clearance. He also told me that I could visit a NBI kiosk outlet in the basement of SM MegaMall B. Since, I only have days left to prepare, I went to the NBI SM MegaMall yesterday after lunch. I have with me a photocopy of my former NBI clearance, which I only borrowed from our HR deparment. I was shocked to see the large volume of people applying for a NBI clearance. There are three lines, one for the cashier, second for the picture and the last for the releasing. While I was waiting for my turn on line one, I saw the notices posted on their walls that photocopies of NBI clearance aren’t allowed anymore. Anyway, I still waited for my turn just to be turned down by the cashier. I have decided to just go back after work since their office hours is until 6:30 P.M. I’m glad our HR department allowed me to get my original NBI clearance. After office hours, I immediately went to SM MegaMall and was surprised that there are no people left in the NBI kiosk. Isn’t that great? I was the third in line and was done with the whole process within three to five minutes. Just make sure you have your original personal copy of NBI clearance before proceeding to a NBI kiosk. And oh, renewal of NBI of clearance both local and abroad costs 115 pesos each.

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Jude said...

Thanks for sharing your NBI-Clearance experience.

Anyway, how long are you staying in Singapore? Is that for good or just for a vacation?


pehpot said...

well it is a good thing that you don't have to wait in line.. I hate that.. that is something that I really don't like here in our country

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