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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Knock Out Win For David Archuleta

David Cook and David Archuleta matchThe final match between the two David’s is finally over. David Cook and David Archuleta got to sing three songs. One round for Clive Davis song choice, second round for the songwriter’s competition song choice and the last round for the contestant’s song choice. David Cook was the first to perform followed by David Archuleta.

On the first round David Cook sang “I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For”. To start the show off, it was quite an okay performance for me. It was a nice song choice from Clive Davis. It just lacks something to it. David Archuleta on the other hand sang, “Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me”, another nice song choice from Clive Davis. Clive Davis is definitely the man with golden ears. On this round, David Archuleta was phenomenal. I even had chills while watching him perform. David Archuleta definitely won the first round. He sings to win and he remained humble even he received praises from the judges.

The final two American Idol finalistsOn the songwriter’s competition round, we heard two new songs from David Cook and David Archuleta. David Cook performed the song “Dream Big”. I really liked this song. I even thought it was an existing song from a rock band. The performance was great but I agree with Simon Cowell that the song choice was inappropriate for the finale. David Archuleta on the other hand sang another ballad titled “In This Moment”. It was another great performance from the little David. He was smart for choosing this song. Not only it was appropriate for the finale but it also showed his range and soul. Another point for David Archuleta on the second round.

On the third round, David Cook performed the song “The World I Know”. He was even on tears after performing the song. I just find his tears not sincere and fake. His performance was still okay for me but was a bit boring. When the judges commented, his cockiness and arrogance surfaced again. I still can remember the face Simon Cowell gave when David Cook gave his reaction. Moving along, David Archuleta sang “Imagine” from his previous performance. Now without the piano, he sang it with the guitar on the background. His performance was great but I still prefer his first “Imagine” performance. According to Simon Cowell, it was a knock out win for David Archuleta.

Former American Idol winner Ruben Studdard closed the show with his performance of “Celebrate.” We are very familiar to this song since this is the song being played on every elimination round of American Idol this seventh season. Would you believe that I only appreciated this song just now? Such a nice song.

I just hope America voted the deserving David—David Archuleta for me. This is the best American Idol season so far. The real top 2 contestants were on the finale and I predict that David Archuleta will surpass the success of Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. I was reading yesterday’s blog posts and read that David Cook’s designated numbers were congested. Would that mean that he received more votes? Waah! I hope not.

Pictures courtesy of American Idol

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the menace said...

panu ba yan? si cook ang naluto, oh i mean nanalo.

jaycee said...

pano ba yan... si cook ang nanalo, di si archuleta. hay boto boto lang yan kahit na magaling si archuleta, talo siya sa boto.