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Friday, May 16, 2008

Judy Ann Santos, TV Commercial Queen

Judy Ann SantosThis month a lot of new TV commercials flashed our TV screens. I also noticed that Judy Ann Santos conquered the advertising scene with her many TV commercials. Here so far are her TV commercials: Maggie Magic Sarap, Datu Puti Vinegar, Pantene Shampoo, Fitrum, Pride Detergent, Angel Condensada, a certain Splash product and Lactacyd feminine wash. One TV commercial that really stand out was her newest Pantene Shampoo commercial. Would you believe that she is hailed as one of the most beautiful woman in the Philippines? Judy Ann Santos and Claudine Barretto replaced Angel Aquino and Dawn Zulueta in the Pantene commercial. Is this most beautiful ad campaign just for promotion or people really voted? With her huge transformation, she really deserved this title.

Back to the Pantene shampoo commercial, Judy Ann Santos and the other three girls were bronzed the entire commercial. I think it was too much though for Judy Ann Santos and Claudine Barretto. What surprised me the most was Judy Ann’s pronunciation of “beautiful” or should I pronounce it as “beautipul.” Listen to it carefully and you will be amazed.

Picture courtesy of http://www.beautybentobox.com

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the menace said...

:) she gives out "Pantene" differently too compared to ruffa, gretchen and claudine.

Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra,Jr. said...

Thanks for the info. I have no more time to see any tv program including commercials. it is nice to peek sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Mali-mali din naman ang grammar mo sa iba mong entries tapos sarap mo pang manlait.

Anonymous said...

Corek galing u manlait e mali nmn grammar u.."pronounciation"po pki corek nmn un spelling..

pehpot said...

OMG. LOL at the anonymous (tama spelling?) comment.. fan siguro ni Judy.

Make or Break

Denis said...

she didnt quite made it in the top 15 philippine endorsers