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Friday, May 30, 2008

I’ve Been CARRIEd Away Part II

Sex and the City movie posterThe movie crowd last night was really impressive. They were somewhat disciplined except for the guy on my back that keeps on talking as if he is in the cast of “Sex and the City” movie. I really enjoyed the movie especially seeing all of them in happy endings.

Sex and the City cast in fashion weekSarah Jessica Parker is witty and still in the Carrie persona that I know. She’s great in the movie especially the scene when he confronted Big on their wedding day. Kristin Davis was hilarious without even trying. I felt her real friendship with the Carrie character. My favorite scene of her was the confrontation scene with Big and her diarrhea episode. Hahaha that was really funny!

Kim Catrall was a bit disappointing since she was a bit tamed in the movie. You could include the fact that the MTRCB have stripped her intimate scenes with her celebrity boyfriend. I just have to watch the uncensored version of Sex and the City on DVD. My favorite scene of her by the way was the Valentine’s Day scene with the sushi. Cynthia Nixon’s character is still my least favorite character of the movie and the TV series. Her acting anyway is still superb and very real. Since I’m not a fan of her character what would be my favorite scene of her in the movie? Hmmm… The scene in Mexico where Samantha saw her thick pubes while wearing a bathing suit.

Sex and the City in Carrie's wedding dayJennifer Hudson’s performance was already great. She seemed very fitted for the movie. The Asian daughter of Charlotte is also adorable even she has small lines and exposure. The leading men of the ladies were also great. Is this me or I just love the movie a lot? What made this movie great is the fact that the people behind the hit TV series were also the same people in this film. Same director, producers and writers. As if you are watching the TV series in the big screen. I think I am being biased since I have watched the TV series or the movie is just great. The script is well written. I was laughing hard on many scenes and the lines for the voice over of Carrie Bradshaw were honest and real. And New York looked so nice and glamorous. How I wish I could visit New York in the distant future. I’d love to live there.

I definitely recommend that you watch this movie especially if you have seen the TV series and get CARRIEd away. If you have the movie, leave a comment here and answer this question, “Do you love to color?” Hehe…

Sex and the City premieres today worldwide.

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Aice Nice Concepts said...

yeah they said it was a very nice movie but I have not watch the TV series

so will I be able to understand that movie?

the menace said...

no. i dont color. hahaha.

great spontaneous film.

very NY!

Fitz said...

I think you can watch and enjoy the movie even if you weren't really able to follow the television series.

But of course, there will be very low appreciation on the subtle things that make Sex and The City great.

Much of the charm of the series is how each of the characters have their own unique personality that has endeared you for so many years. So if you don't really know them, you will not get some of the trivial scenes in the movie.

Now, if you're a big fan... then this movie is really worth it. I've missed them sorely and really made sure that I was able to watch it during the first day, first screening. :D

I agree, it was really like watching the television series, except that the episode is longer and you're inside the theater. It was never dragging and really funny (and nostalgic for me).

I'm sure all the fans out there, like you and me, will really enjoy this film - and all the personal memories that come with it. :D

Nice to know that we share something in common Makoy. :)