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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hello Kalibo

Makoy at the airportMonday--I arrived in Paranaque City yesterday at around 11 A.M. I was worried that I won’t make it on time since heavy traffic builded up in Pasig City. Anyway, I thought our flight was 2 P.M. when it was actually 3 P.M. So there’s no reason to rush at all. My first airplane experience started on a bad light. I will not just explain why. On our way to the NAIA Centennial terminal, we were surprised that a beggar approached our car and asked for $5 dollars. Would you believe that? Maybe he thought we just arrived from the States and we’re “balikbayans.” It might have something to do with our luggages and big “balikbayan” box. We even thought that he was under the influence of illegal substance. What’s funnier with this beggar was when he realized that we weren’t “balikbayans”, he literally asked for loose change. He even pitched that he will buy NFA rice.

Just bare with the gist of my story since I will explore my first airport and airplane experience. Here goes to those who are unfamiliar. After loading our things to the cart, we entered the airport. The security guards checked our tickets then we went straight to the first security check. We loaded our things to the x-ray machine then went to the boarding counter. We left our check-in baggage their then waited patiently. Our next stop was the counter wherein you need to pay the 200 pesos terminal fee. I heard that payment was used for the anti-terrorism stuffs. The second security check followed. We were instructed to take off our shoes and place it on a plastic rack. Gadgets, coins and other metals should also be placed in that plastic rack followed by placing it on the x-ray machine. Body inspection will be your next ordeal. Thank God that was the last step. We just waited until we were called. At that time I was grouchy since I haven’t taken my lunch yet. We checked the hotdog outlet their then ordered hotdog on a bun. I was shocked that C2 costs 60 pesos for the smallest size—very airport price.

By 2:30 P.M., we have been informed that we can board the plane. Before doing so, I checked first the comfort room of the airport. Nothing great with that CR. Anyway, at the tube of the plane, I was like a cam whore that was so ecstatic on taking pictures. I even planned to take pictures with the flight attendants but I got shy. I got the window seat and I was very happy even I was seated on the back of the plane. Thank God it’s Philippine Airlines! For the first time, I saw some parts of Manila up there. And the clouds of course are chunky and white. I’m glad I did not throw up even I didn’t take an anti-mobility medicine. Packed snacks and drinks were served just right before we land in Kalibo. I didn’t have the chance to use the comfort room though. We arrived the Kalibo Airport at around 4 P.M. safely and complete.

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joanjoyce said...

sosi ng beggar sa airport $5 pa ang request ah hehe, never tried boarding a plane pa i need lots of cheers and courage pa cguro hehe so hows bora? pix naman jan ;)

f e R n said...

Hahaha! i was even shocked wen i bought C2 @ NAIA... Damn, i complained about my change of five hundred.. the bungirl gave me only P440, then i said, "im buying only 1 C2 not 3"... LöL! Nice tRip huh?...he³

pehpot said...

yay! pricey.. I hate it when things got a little pricey because of their location.

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