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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

David Archuleta Is My American Idol

David Archuleta vs David CookThe biggest talent show on earth will crown its newest American Idol this Thursday. The performance night of the two David’s will air tonight 6 P.M. and 8 P.M at QTV and Star World. Will it be David Archuleta, the humble balladeer or David Cook, the cocky rocker?

David Archuleta, 17, from Murray, UT was the consistent favorite this season. He has proven that even on his tender age, he can sing any songs—even the phone book. From his previous performances, my favorites were “Imagine” and “Angels.”

Here are some of the judges’ comments to David Archuleta’s performances:

Simon Cowell on “Love Me Tender”: You crushed the competition.
Paula Abdul on “Think Of Me”: It must feel great for Mariah to be able to hear your interpretation...
Randy Jackson on “Angels”: That was your hottest moment the whole season.
Simon Cowell on “Imagine”: ...you're the one to beat, and there are 19 very miserable contestants sitting here tonight.
Paula Abdul on “Imagine”: I wanted to squish you...and dangle you from my rear view mirror.
Randy Jackson on “Imagine”: Dawg, that's one of the best vocals I've ever heard on this show.

David Cook, 25, from Blue Springs, MO was the smartest rocker finalist in my opinion. He can almost sing most songs and make it his own song. I cannot say that he is unique since he copied some versions to his performances. From his previous performances, my favorite was Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby.”

Here are some of the judges’ comments to David Cook’s performances:

Simon Cowell on “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”: I thought it was your best performance to date.
Paula Abdul on “Baba O’Riley”: I'm humbled to sit here and watch your soul.
Randy Jackson on “Music Of The Night”: Dude, that was an amazing vocal performance.
Simon Cowell on “Always Be My Baby”: It was like coming out of karaoke hell into a breath of fresh air.
Paula Abdul on “Always Be My Baby”: That song could be in a movie soundtrack right now.
Randy Jackson on “Always Be My Baby”: That was the most brilliant performance yet.

I just hope my bet David Archuleta would win American Idol. America, please vote for him!

Picture courtesy of American Idol

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the menace said...

go david A!

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

honestly, I like David Cook better but I think Archuleta will win. Whatever happens both of them have careers already so I am happy for them both =)