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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Boracay Tan No More

Balagbag FallsAfter our short visit to “Munting Talon”, we went back to our cottage then cooked “sinigang na bangus.” We even dipped on the beach when we arrived. That caused my Borcay tan into a not so good tan. Anyway, while we were cooking “sinigang na bangus”, our other colleague was assigned in grilling the stuffed bangus. Just in time for lunch, we were able to feast on our own cooked meal. We even ate on banana leaves which made the experience more fun. Sadly, we weren’t able to take pictures of our first lunch in Quezon.

After lunch and our short rest, we went to our next destination “Balagbag Falls.” We took a tricyle on our way to the falls. On some parts of our ride, we were required to walk since the tricycle was having problems in carrying us all. Would you believe that we were all eight passengers in the tricycle? Two on the drivers back, five people on the inside and one on top of the tricycle. Isn’t that fun?

Balagbag Falls by the way has an entrance fee of ten pesos. From its entrance, you just have to walk a few steps then you will be amazed with the beauty of the falls. We were all beaming when we reached the falls. Of course we didn’t miss the chance to take more pictures. I really enjoyed the massage of the falls on my body. It really cured my back pain and I felt really good. After our pictures on the top falls, I was convinced to jump the falls. It was even on video. Too bad, I still don’t have a copy of it. The only difficult part of my jump was my balls got crushed. I did not know that I should keep my legs together and I should cover my crotch.

On our way back to our cottage, we were able to take some pictures on this wonderful view on the sea. We reached the cottage feeling tired and very exhausted. My other colleagues prepared for our dinner while some of us went to take a short nap. Our friends woke us up when they were already done cooking. They cooked fried calamares, “lumpiang toge” (which I cooked by the way) and fried liempo. That was really yummy. After dinner, my friends prepared the tequila shots while I patiently waited for the bon fire. Sadly, there was no bon fire so I went to bed after two shots of tequila.

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the menace said...

so wat exactly is crashed balls? haaha. sounds painful

nokk said...

kainis di ko yan nakita ah!

nokk said...

oy let me make it clear na yung talon ang di ko nakita and not the crashed balls....lol....masakit yun ha!

pehpot said...

crashed what?!?

where in Quezon?

Make or Break

Denis said...

tan line is the top summer trend hehe