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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Boracay Experience Part I

By 6 A.M., we started preparing ourselves to go to Boracay. I took a bath then went to the dining to have my breakfast—rice and fried egg. I noticed that they didn’t even take a bath. We were cramming since they were waiting for us. At the last minute, I even changed my top shirt since I looked like a wrapped “suman.”

It was a long ride to Caticlan. I think we made it to Caticlan around by 9 A.M. It was a fun ride though since they were talking gossips about their neighbors. What’s fascinating with the people here is the mentality of aristocracy. You can see big and nice houses even they were just vendors of “dilis” (small fish) and hog butcher while the richer people are living modest with their simple and small houses. Anyway, during the trip, my tummy ached and it felt like I need to go the comfort room. When we arrived in Caticlan, we bought our tickets for the boat ride. Since I’m with the locals, we bought our tickets for only 20 pesos. Tickets for non-locals are 50 pesos by the way. Better leave the talking to the locals or you will pay 50 pesos.

When we entered the boat terminal, we used the comfort rooms while my Tita bought food in McDonald’s and Andoks. Caticlan Is just minutes away from the Boracay Island and the only transportation to Boracay is through water. At the dock, we took the tricycle to Station 2 of Boracay. Instead of renting a bench we just sat on the sand near a shaded tree. We were with two kids that where very ecstatic to swim at once. After their mothers have applied my Sun block lotion to them, they went to the water at once not even waiting for the 15 minutes span according to the back of the lotion. After changing my walking shorts to board shorts and taking off my polo shirt, I applied a huge amount of Sun Block to my whole body just missing my face. My last time on the beach, I was aching with the sun burn on both of my shoulders. That was really miserable.

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joanjoyce said...

para ngang uber formal ka jan ahhhh dapat naka trunx ka ahehehe :D

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the menace said...

lets go shades! hahah

cant wait to dip to the beach na din!

pehpot said...

nice vacation.. never been to Bora yet..

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