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Friday, May 9, 2008

Bayani Fernando Billboard Update

Bayani FernandoLast Friday on our flight home to Manila, I was reading the Inquirer with Bayani Fernando on the news article. The article has something to do with his well-criticized MMDA billboards. He again insisted that there’s nothing wrong with his huge billboards in EDSA. Even it is clear to the public that it is illegal use of public funds. Do you think Filipinos are dumb to accept your billboards? What good did it do to the Filipinos? Clearly none. It’s just plain campaigning for your political dream in 2010.

What’s more disgusting with Bayani Fernando was his comment that it shouldn’t be thought of as campaigning since he is not smiling in his billboards. Great answer right? Nah!

Yesterday on my way home from Greenhills, the bus I’m in was tuned in to GMA 7’s 24 Oras. I was disgusted to watch that Bayani Fernando announced that he is replacing his huge billboards with a new picture. He even remarked that the reason people are complaining to his billboards was because he wasn’t smiling. That’s why in his new billboard he is smiling. Now he is eating his words and confirming that he is using these billboards for campaigning. What is the office of the Ombudsman doing to this matter? Wake up Ombudsman! Let Bayani Fernando pay for the costs of these billboards and charge him with graft and use of public funds. Let’s be vigilant guys. We are paying thousands of pesos of withholding tax every month and it would be just used on silly projects. Tsk tsk tsk.

Picture courtesy of websaytko.com

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shurikenstuff said...

Hahaha!!! Nice photo!

Anonymous said...

If he thinks he'll even be close to winning the presidency, he's out of his mind! This just goes to show how out of touch some of our politicos are.

Jan Alvin said...

Maawa naman kayo kay BF... hehehehe

mckhoii said...

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rhyan said...

bayani is totally a sick person.

the donG said...

i agree. before i use to admire his works and discipline... hindi na ngayon.

the menace said...

let him run and lose money and lose afterall.his too pink!


BF's responses do not compute.

I wrote a post about BF last April 7. Just in case you're interested:


pehpot said...

I love Bayani Fernando's sense of humor..

Make or Break

Denis said...

his face is still all over the metro

obvious masyado ang power trip

TSK said...

This blog mentioned "Even it is clear to the public that it is illegal use of public funds" (referring to BF).

What is clear in that statement? There's no clarity in it. So where's your basis? Just plainly speculating that he's using the public money for his billboards? What if i ask you for evidence? Ano ipapakita mo?

Hirap sating mga pinoy pag may ginagawang maganda yun pa ang tinitira. Kung sino yung ngawa ng ngawa na wala naman gawa yun ang pinupuri. Worse, kung sino pa yung may mga kaso ng corruption, pag patay ng tao, yun ang pinupuri at hindi tinitira.

If you think BF is not qualified for the presidency, you are out of your mind. I cannot enumerate the things he has already contributed in the country. Hirap sating mga Pinoy puro dada. No wonder our country is still like this.