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Thursday, May 15, 2008

American Idol Top 3 Performance Night

American Idol top 3I was really excited to watch the American Idol top 3 performance. I’m glad I was on time to watch it. The first round of the competition, the finalists performed songs from the judge’s choice. David Archuleta started the show followed by Syesha Mercado and David Cook. According to Simon Cowell, the David Cook won the first round but I think David Archuleta did better. Syesha Mercado surprisingly greatly improved and she was stunning. She looked like a star.

On the second round, the top 3 finalists got to sing their song choice. David Archuleta sang Chris Brown’s “With You.” It was refreshing since we are used to David Archuleta singing ballads. Even he missed a line it was still great. Syesha Mercado’s performance of “Fever” started okay but it melted on the ending. The judges were right when they said that it was a bad song choice. David Cook performed a song from Switchfoot. Obviously it’s a rock song. It was okay for me. I still prefer the original version. On the third round, it was the producer’ song choice. David Archuleta aced singing a ballad song. It was an okay performance for Syesha Mercado with her dance song. I must admit it was a fun performance. And finally David Cook was just okay with his alternative rock performance. With the top 3 performance, it is a definite top two for David Archuleta and David Cook. Syesha Mercado could make it to the top two on a different season though.

One thing that I noticed on last night’s performance was Paula Abdul’s different side on being a judge. As if it is not her that I am watching. She’s more straightforward and frank. I’m not sure if the audience ever booed her on different seasons, but she experienced it last night. What’s with her last night?

The American Idol finale is just a week away and it really hurts me that I will only be able to watch it on delayed primetime telecast on Star World. Will I be able to block American Idol results on the finale day? From previous American Idol seasons, either I will see it online or someone will announce it. Good luck to me.

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the menace said...

go cook and man divah!

ditch syesha out now!


Denis said...

obvious naman na kung sinu final two that time