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Thursday, May 1, 2008

4th Philippine Blog Summit Part III

Atty. JJ Disini was the next speaker and discussed about the law that can protect and inhibit bloggers. There were lots of questions asked by the audience mostly about copyright infringement and how we can protect our contents. Did you know that you cannot use copyrighted music in any of your vlogs?

After the forum of Atty. Disini, Maria Jose, a blogger from Davao City was the next speaker. Fresh from Davao, her blogger group travelled to Manila just to grace the summit. Sadly, I did not have the time to greet them. I personally know Batang Yagit from his blog but I did not have the guts to greet him first. Maria Jose’s speech was fresh among all speakers. She shared her humble beginnings until the success of Davao City and Mindanao bloggers. I was very impressed with their shared efforts. I just hope bloggers from Manila can do the same thing or I am just aware of such thing. Another thing that impressed me was their boasting that Davao City is actually Wi-Fi free city. Nice huh!

Giveaways from the sponsors were the next event. All of them gave away t-shirts that mostly says “I love blogging!” I really wasn’t that lucky with raffles so I expected that I will go home with nothing. To my surprise I won a shirt from the iBlog 4 organizers and 100 worth of Yehey! bretas. How I wish I could wear the shirt from iBlog4 when it is size XL. Two of me can fit to it. Hehe.

Picture taking happened after. I even had the chance to take pictures with Manuel L. Quezon III, Janette Toral, Aileen Apolo and my blogger friends. I also had the chance to give my calling cards with my blogs and my name on it. At the entrance of Malcolm Building, the “mascot” of Chicken Mafia was there to take pictures. According to them, they will post the pictures to their website and you can even add a caption to it. Nice huh! I hope I look great on it.

See you next year on the 5th Philippine Blog Summit! I hope it’s still free.

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wow, kakaingit naman kelan kaya ako makakasama sa ganyan? mga cebu blogger asan kayo??? he,he

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Nice post

eli said...

great! sana ako din makasilip man lang...hehe tindi nila ah..

janettetoral.com said...

Glad that you enjoyed the event Makoy. I look forward catching up with you at iBlog5. Cheers!

Anah said...

Great post! Ang galing ng topic pati yung copyright infringement na discussed din pala. Kudos sa mga organizer. Thanks for sharing din! :)

Have a wonderful weekend,