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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Synthetic Trees To Fight Global Warming

I think it was last week that I noticed that there were new additions to the channel line-ups in my Sky Cable Silver plan. To name a few, Discovery Channel Ch 39, The Animal Planet Ch 40, Cinemax Ch 36 and Kids Co Ch 38. Isn’t that great? Sky Cable finally is generous on adding channels that should be included in the line-up in the first place.

synthetic tree conceptAnyway, just yesterday night while I was browsing channels in my TV, I was stuck in watching the Discovery Channel. Aside from watching TV detective shows, learning stuffs about technology, animals hunting for prey, I am also interested in watching Discovery Channel’s program about the nature and how we can help in restoring its former beauty.

synthetic treesThere’s this show on Discovery Channel that showed latest discoveries on how we can help the environment. Based on a school project of the daughter of a scientist, he was inspired to create a synthetic tree in which it converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. The synthetic tree works like a normal tree but is more effective in converting carbon dioxide because it doesn’t need sunlight for photosynthesis. Hello to elementary science! By the way this synthetic tree doesn’t look like a tree but looks like a big aircon with large filters.

If this synthetic tree will be available, it can hugely diminish global warming. I have been thinking about this along time, I just hope scientist will invent something that could patch up the ozone layer. Of course there is something we can do. I just hope this can be done ASAP.

Happy Earth day!

Pictures courtesy of columbia.edu and theenvironmentalblog.org

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Carnation said...


Aice Nice Concepts said...

nice i hope that this will be spread all over the world so to avoid the ozone depletion ^_^

Joey said...

Pretty interesting. But I think they should stop short at calling them "trees". A tree is a tree, not mechanical, and definitely not synthetic.

Denis said...

beautiful science talaga noh