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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Smart Bro Prepaid

Smart Bro PrepaidAfter the launching of SMART Bro Anywhere, SMART Bro now goes prepaid. For only 4,500 pesos, you can get the SMART Bro modem with a SIM card and 30 pesos worth of load. Internet usage is charged on a 30-minute basis for only 10 pesos. You can load up your SMART Bro prepaid on SMART Wireless centers and soon on SMART prepaid loading stations.

What can I say with this new innovation? I think the best way is still on subscribing to an unlimited plan instead of a prepaid. Not only you will maximize your Internet time but you can also save on paying the gadgets used on SMART Bro prepaid. If you want to push through SMART Bro prepaid and you have a SMART SIM and a 3G phone, better connect to your 3G phone instead and save on paying 4,500 for the SMART Bro modem. Read my How To Connect The Internet Using Your Mobile Phone post to learn more.

Picture courtesy of Smart Broadband, Inc.

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chase / chubz said...

this is a brilliant idea..
hilig talaga ng pinoy ng prepaid.
pati cable pre paid na.

Glenn said...

mabagal to pag walang 3G signal :P

Pamps said...

yes i agree to you pare, better connect with the cp. i have the same view as yours. and by the way pare, we could exlinks. ill add you now. add mo rin ako dito. Thanks!

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pehpot said...

right about that!

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Denis said...

im currently using this gadget and the signal is getting more and more inconsistent day by day