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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Roilo Golez Mocked Bayani Fernando’s Billboards

Wednesday, I received a comment from my reader announcing that finally someone in public office has reacted the same way I did on Bayani Fernando’s too many billboards on EDSA. According to GMA News, Rep. Roilo Golez, 1st District of Paranaque City finally reacted and made a move on ordering the auditing of the costs of these tarpaulins.

Rep. Roilo Golez also criticized Bayani Fernando for using the funds of MMDA in his aspiration to be the Philippines’ President in 2010. What is Bayani Fernando thinking before putting these billboards on EDSA? Hasn’t he thought of criticisms he will get and as if no one will notice his move. People aren’t that stupid or he thinks Filipinos are stupid.

The ombudsman should check on this matter ASAP. Bayani Fernando should pay all costs and the Ombudsman should charge him with graft. I will volunteer to destroy one of his tarpaulins. Count me in! Who wants to join?

According to advertisers, that Bayani Fernando’s tarpaulin costs around Php 500 to 1,000 each. According to a MMDA employee, Bayani Fernando has ordered for the production of 10,000 pieces. He wasted that amount of money just to uglify the city. Thanks to Rep. Goilo Golez! Uglify is the word of the day.

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Source: Journal Online and GMA News

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Bambit said...

Did you say 10,000 pieces? at P500 each (mura nalang kasi maramihan) that's no less than P5 Million pesos on the banners alone! What's he going to do with 10,000 banners? There's not that many posts on EDSA that can accommodate 10,000 banners, not even if he tied them end to end and carpeted the streets with them.

Anonymous said...

Hi makoy, it's me again. For some reason (still unknown to me) the BF tarps in Pasay City have disappeared. As my usual route is Paranaque - Pasay - Makati along EDSA, for a moment there I thought that all of them had disappeared. The ones at the junction of EDSA and Roxas Blvd. are gone, and so are the ones on the MRT posts nearing the Pasay Rotonda area, and the back to back ones at the Tramo flyover posts. But when I reached the Buendia area, andun parin yung mga banners. And this just after Mayor Binay had said "Take them down or else I will" ... di bale, nag aabang parin ako. How's the view on your end of EDSA?

Anonymous said...

Hi Makoy..Hi Bambit...Bless you both, sorry Bambit ha...I was just carried away with my comments on your blog, you know that it is not intended for you, the BF4P is not angry of you..we are denouncing only the "selective righteousness", as a practice..because it borders on hypocracy (did I get the spelling right?)

Golez should also stop the Noli Pag Ibig Commercial, the Sec. Duque posters on public hospitals, the billboards of the mayors ang congressmen and the billboards of PGMA - to be fair.

Why pick on BF only? Probably Golez do not like the pro poor messages of BF, "Pag may disiplina, lahat ay pantay pantay", meaning, Golez spoiled brat relatives and the "Kadamay urban poor" are pantay pantay now. Golez do not like this, maybe. Maybe Golez wants the picture of Sam Milby or Piolo Pascual more than the picture of BF. Its Golez taste that is now in question.Bakit kaya hindi ZTE deal ang inasikaso ni Golez...why stalk BF...? Why is Golez not questioning the accusation of "scripted rice crisis" to hide the ZTE deal? Why is he so enamored with BF? Big Whys? Only Golez can answer that.

"Kaayusan, para maibsan ang kahirapan", in the subconcious of BF, he is always thinking of alleviating the poor. He has done so much for the poor of Marikina and he want to do it for all Filipinos...you can not blame him for dreaming.He has a track record to show..others just keep on talking.BF is different,he will do it. Golez is different, he will talk it out.

Golez, has been dreaming..but not to help the poor.You know what I mean.

Bambit , peace na tayo ha...my sincere apology.

Toti Dulay
Past Grang Knight, Knights of Columbus, Concepcion Council
Vice - chair, International Movement of Development Managers.

Anonymous said...

using public funds and government resources for his 2010 presidential ambitions.

tacloban leyte



Take note of the following
1. tricycles with Bayani stickers
2. bayani fernando supporters (or maybe marikina city gov’t or mmda employees) wearing pink shirts
3. government license plate
4. marikina city government logo on vehicle
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

pehpot said...

UGLIFY! i like that!

Make or Break

Denis said...

hay naku ang magnanakaw, galit sa kapwa magnanakaw