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Friday, April 4, 2008

Ramiele Malubay Out In American Idol

Ramiele Malubay bids goodbyeAs I have expected, Ramiele Malubay went home early in American Idol. Her not-so-good performance did not help her attain Jasmine Trias’ Top 3 staying power. Perhaps, Filipino-American viewers got tired of her or they have being voting for other American Idol finalists instead. I just don’t get it why she chose to sing not-so good songs. It feels like she is very relaxed and confident that she won’t be voted off. Well, apparently viewers aren’t happy of her last performance.

Kristy Lee Cook and Brooke White were also in the bottom three. It was a shock that Jason Castro and Syesha Mercado are not in the bottom three. America indeed has given a chance to Syesha Mercado.

Ramiele Malubay joins the ranks of Chikezie, Amanda Overmyer and David Hernandez. I have high hopes for Ramiele Malubay. She can indeed have a singing career in America and definitely here in the Philippines. I hope she could visit Manila.

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Berryblitz said...

I missed the judgement day episode but I was actually thinking of her to be out of the list.

I think she really lacks that singing power. Though she can sing, it just seems like not all of her voice comes out. Not like Syesha.

pehpot said...

yeah I thought so after reading your previous entry.. sya nga at wala ng iba..

Make or Break

pehpot said...

sabi ko na nga ba when I read your previous post.. sya ang matatanggal..

Make or Break

Denis said...

she's cute

she's got the voice

she's not AI material