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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Pregnant Man Is A Filipino

After Thomas Beati guested in the Oprah Winfrey Show, the world was shocked and amazed with the pregnancy of a female transgender with a male persona now. Thomas Beati, 34, is a Filipino-American born and raised in Hawaii. Thomas Beati also known as Tracy Lagondino when he was female had decided to do the big change when he was 25 years old but did not undergo sex change. He had only had chest reconstruction and took male hormones.

Thomas Beati pregnant manMarried with his wife Nancy and now lives in Oregon. They have decided that Thomas would carry their child since his wife Nancy can’t bear a child after her womb was removed from an operation. I just find it amusing that after all these time that he had decided to do the big change, he will be back again with his old roots. I just Thomas Beati and Oprah Winfreycommend his love for his family for doing the extreme sacrifice.

Prior to this pregnancy, he stopped using male hormones two years ago and began researching on artificial insemination and becoming pregnant. I just hope the baby would be fine and healthy. And let’s pray that their family won’t feel like an outcast after this their secret has been revealed. The baby is due on July 3 and it’s a baby girl for Thomas and Nancy.

Pictures courtesy of Oprah.com

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Pinay Jade said...

I knew it!I already had a hunch.
Thanks for passing by my blog Makoy. Nice to have you there. Can we x links?


arelente2 said...

I never knew that! Why wasn't it on the local news! Something relevant like that would never slip people!!!

Aice Nice Concepts said...

nice naman akala ko at first un lalake nag pa lagay ng womb para mag give birth ^_^

ahihihi babae pala talaga siya

chase / chubz said...

this is the first time ive seen this..
wow. that's amazing. i too wish that their baby would be healthy and ok

shaula0pink said...

this is an interesting story!!

Rosa said...

WOW! I cant believe it! interesting story!

Rosa said...

tweet this


Denis said...

he really got a lot of people thinking