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Monday, April 7, 2008

Pineapple Juice Challenge

Since the Papaya Dance is making a mark in the United States, I should divert the attention to a different fruit, pineapple. So what’s the challenge with the fruit pineapple? Since, I have been hearing from TV commercials that pineapple juice is good for digestion and it also detoxifies, my challenge is to drink pineapple juice for one straight week and see what can it do to my body.

I actually have a weak stomach and I usually suffer from stomachache almost everyday. I am happy to announce that after drinking pineapple juice for one straight week, my digestion improved. My stomachaches are gone and my bowel movement has been on a regular basis.

Until now, I still drink a can of pineapple juice once a day. I make sure on every grocery trip, I buy cans of pineapple juice good for 10 days.

Want to try my one-week pineapple juice challenge?

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c5 said...

That's too expensive for me. I have a weak stomach as well. Too weak that everytime my hubby tells an exciting story, I need to excuse myself to go to the toilet. :D

Mr. Bowel said...

Did you know that in a healthy state, your body should have a bowel movement every meal you intake?


pehpot said...

pineapple juice is really good.. that is also included in our grocery list.. good source of vitamins c too..

Make or Break

Denis said...

this really exudes a lot of benefits especially for cleansing