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Monday, April 14, 2008

PBB Teen Edition Plus Eviction Night

Jeriel PapaAfter twenty days, Jeriel was the first to bid goodbye in the Pinoy Big Brother house for the Teen Edition Plus. The other nominees for the first eviction night were Priscilla, Valerie, Linda and Josef. Jeriel emotionally accepted the news and cried heavily while saying goodbye to her fellow housemates. The bubbly girl Jeriel is from Davao and is known from her frankness and tactlessness.

So what happened in the PBB Teen Edition Plus for the last 20 days? Let me just enumerate the major happenings that I am aware of. Not only in this edition that the guardians of the housemates were also inside the Pinoy Big Brother House but there were also some surprises that happened inside the house.

The Italian Valentino, Alex surprised the whole world when he announced that he was uncircumcised. For the first time in PBB history, a circumcision happened inside the house. Promdie hottie, Ejay a bit disappointed me when his secret wasn’t about his sexuality but about his real biological father. Bikini Babe, Linda was surprised when his father visited her after three years of not seeing each other. Clashes between the guardians also occurred. Josef’s aunt, Ana was accused of bossing and controlling the guardians. I just hope they would resolve their issues. They are after all there to look after the teen housemates.

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Lutch said...

hopping and checking you again Makoy.

Denis said...

she has the weakest character so its just right