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Thursday, April 10, 2008

No Bayani Fernando Billboards In Makati City

Latest update with Bayani Fernando’s mega billboards in EDSA. Apparently in Makati City, Mayor Jejomar Binay has ordered the dismantling of MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando’s billboard. I also received comments that BF’s billboards in Buendia as well in Pasay City are already dismantled. Mayors of the said cities are from the opposition. Does this mean that administration Mayors would continue to tolerate Bayani Fernando’s wrong doing?

Still with blog comments from my other article in Pinoy Blogosphere, I received alarming comments from a supporter of Bayani Fernando. Here are the commments:

From Pepeng kalawir, “mas ok na yang mga psoster ni BF kaysa sa mga posters ng mayors, congresmen and senators na puro “A project of….” “with the support of …” “in coordination with…” or “for the people of…”. Why BF is the only one who was able to bring sanity to our streets kahit na partial pa lang. We see big improvements unseen before. Bigla tayong nagulat sa luwag na Commonwealth Ave na noon 2 lanes lang dahil puno ng illegal vendors na kotongan ng mga pulis. Bigla tayong naging aware na tama nga si BF na dapat ung sidewalk walang sagabal para nakakapaglakad yung mga tao. Gumanda landscaping sa EDSA, malaki improvement ng traffic sa North Ave, Elliptical, Q. Ave., even sa Nova. Dami pa improvement na hindi nagawa ng mga magagaling na mayors and previous MMDA Chairmen like Abalos and Binay.

Classic Pinoy crab mentality yung mga umaayaw kay BF na hahanapan na kahit napakaliit na butas to put him down.

Dapat mas lakihan pa ang mga posters ni BF!

BF for President!”
From Inggit, “Ang mga opposition ayan sinisiraan na si Bayani Fernando dahil alam nilang tatakbong presidente sa 2010, kaya ngayon pa lang ginagawan na ng butas. So binabayaran si Binay at Golez ng gobyerno para maghanap ng kung ano-anong butas sa pader ng BAYANI NG BAYAN na si Fernando whose purpose is to discredit him and taint his credibility, so people will not vote for him come 2010. mga opposition ay mga inggitero at mga tsismoso. Honestly for us, BAYANI is the Man for Malacanang. The man with principle and total political will. We will support and vote for BAYANI FERNANDO for President in 2010. I agree with you Pepeng, mga project project kuno of Tongressman or senatongs samantalang BIG chunk of that project went to their pockets haaay! nako, KARMA talaga ang aabutin ng mga opposition na ito. ahat ng magagandang ginagawa ng gobyerno ginagawan ng isyu just to mislead the Bakaya crowd!!”

I just don’t get it why they have to compare one wrong doing to another wrong doing just to justify Bayani Fernando’s wrong act. In the first place, I am against public official’s every announcement of their projects. If you’re going to quantify it, Bayani Fernando’s billboard are much absurd and purely for early campaigning only. If you are a public servant, you don’t need to brag about your accomplishments and latest projects. Better enter the corporate world if you want lots of recognition. Tsk tsk tsk.

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bambit said...

hi Makoy, how's EDSA further up the river? Mandaluyong to QC, meron parin bang pink?

Sef said...

You can see everyone campaigning now.. On TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc. so called presidentiables are being interviewed left and right. Many even appear on advertisements (obviously conflict of interest).

But does anyone hear on our mass media complaint about anyone of these Presidentiables except BF?

Obviously, the only way BF will be known and covered is if there are negative news of him. The question is, as a strategy, is BF doing the right thing?

X said...

Expensive eyesores, that's what they are.

And guess who's ultimately paying for those billboards.

miGz said...

makoy, I think that you are the typical filipino who never merits a person for the good they have done, but overlook their 'mistakes' (as if there really are). Come on mAn! tHEre is nothing wrong with the posters since it shows the public that there is work being done for them! Progress should sometimes be publicized in order that the people will not lose hope in our nation. Afterall, BF is the man behind all these progress in Metro Manila. I think he do deserves to be recognized at least once in a while, don't he?

boybloomer said...

Look at BF in GMa's singing contest "Duets"... he looks pathetic. He was exhausting all means to gain publicity. He likes singing, but unfortunately, singing does not like him. Ito ba ang magiging presidente natin??? Have some delicadeza, BF!!!

Denis said...

at least there would be some places left untouched by then pink saga

Y said...

why in the world do people have to single out BF in this thing? Look at Makati City and the billboards he has put all over Makati na sinasabi nyang supporters daw nya naglalagay nun at hindi naman galing sa kanya?

you have been seeing politicians having their own ads on TV playing over and over again which are so much more expensive than billboards.

Some ppl are saying na sa pera ng bayan galing ang pera ng mga billboards ni Bayani. If I ask if you have proof on that, may maisasagot ba kayo?

ang hirap sating mga pinoy kung sino gumagawa ng mabuti at may nakikita tayong mga results, yun ang tinitira. pero yung mga kandidatong may kaso ng corruption, murder, etc at yung mga ngawa lang ng ngawa, yun pa yung pinupuri at hindi tinitira.

kung ganito lahat ng tao, wala ng ibang pupuntahan ang pinas kundi pababa.