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Sunday, April 13, 2008

New TV Commercials

Just yesterday evening when I was enjoying watching TV, I was amazed with the new set of TV commercials flashed on ABS-CBN. Let me just enumerate it.

McDo Cheeseburger TV Commercial: This is my latest favorite TV commercial. There’s this three friends that loves McDonald’s Cheeseburger. They all have non-sense reasons to trick each other to treat themselves with a McDonald’s Cheeseburger. I think there are two versions of the McDonald’s Cheeseburger TV commercial. On the first version, the other guy suddenly uttered words in English. With the continued persuation of his friends, he ended up treating his friends with McDonald’s cheeseburger. On the second version, the other guy suddenly appeared with his shirt tucked in. Just like the other version, he treated his friends with McDonald’s Cheeseburger. I just find this commercial very comedic. It’s very realistic especially with the Filipino culture that we love to make fun of each other. “Penge ng McDo cheeseburger!”

Kris Aquino’s Casino Femme TV Commercial: Kris Aquino was wearing a red dress and was chased by paparazzi. Newspapers were flying with the headline that says something like “Kris Aquino addicted to Casino.” When Kris Aquino reached the dead end, she admitted to the reporters that she goes to the Casino then fetching the Casino Femme alcohol from her bag. Isn’t that clever? The only down side of the commercial is the obviousness that the background is fake. Nonetheless, the TV commercial is well done, catchy and very clever.

Coca-Cola TV Commercial: A beautiful angel appeared in the city and was intrigued with the people enjoying drinking their Coca-Cola. When the angel reached the Coca-Cola vendo machine, she got one bottle and drank it. She eventually become immortal and lost her wings. She was then greeted by a guy with two devil horns near the vendo machine. I just love this commercial. The angel is very pretty and innocent yet easily tempted with a cold Coca-Cola drink.

Mariel Rodriguez and Zanjoe Marudo’s Head & Shoulders Shampoo TV Commercial: Just like the Head & Shoulder’s TV commercial of Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano, Mariel and Zanjoe were talking to each other about relationship stuffs. While I was watching it, I was distracted with Mariel’s overdid or almost perfect hair. I know they are selling a shampoo product but it looks unnatural. Zanjoe by the way looked fine on his side view and talking less. Thank God!

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mckhoii said...

I'm not a fan of television but i must say that commercial ads nowadays are pretty creative!



Maki said...

Haha, I was laughing about the Casino Alcohol commercial a few days ago. :) And Mariel and Zanjoe's commercial made some Buzz about their relationship. ;)

Have you seen Sharon Cuneta and her daughter Miel's commercial for Nestle? They look so cute together. I'm just not sure whether the commercial has been running for months but I simply adore that commercial when I catch it on tv. :)

Christian said...

My mother and younger sister didn't get the meaning of McDo's newest commercials until I explained it to them. Lol.

Kris Aquino's commercial makes me ROFL whenever I see it. Nice commercial.

I lurve Coca-cola's commercial! Whoever made the concept is just too clever!

H&S commercial? Urgh. It's very obvious that Mariel's hair was treated like a queen before they shot it or she used a wig!

Joey said...

Wow, may bagong post ka sa blog... pa-cheese burger ka naman! hehehe

Denis said...

brilliant bad wagon yung pa cheese burger.

i think it will gather the awards on ad congress this year.